Tools for Students
1. Kerpoof: Make a StoryBook www.kerpoof.comHere students can create their own picture and story books. They can use Kerpoof’s backgrounds, props, and characters or draw their own illustrations. Students can write their story in both text boxes and speech bubbles. The interface is extremely user friendly, kids will pick it up in no time! The sidebar has thumbnails of each page that students have created, making it easy to see their progress. Students can save their finished Story Books on their Kerpoof account to share with other students.

2. International Childrens Digital Library The International Childrens Digital Library (also known as ICDL) is an online digital library for children of all ages. The mission of ICDL is to “ excite and inspire the world’s children to become members of the global community – children who understand the value of tolerance and respect for diverse cultures, languages and ideas — by making the best in children’s literature available online.” When students visit the ICDL website they are brought to a simple search area where they can choose different options for finding a book. They can narrow down results by age (3-13), fiction or non-fiction, book length, award winners, language, picture or chapter books, subject matter, and even what colors that cover has in it. When students choose a book they can read the book in its entirety online

3. Seussville University Seussville University website is created by Random House Children’s publishing in the spirit of making learning fun. Kids favorite Dr. Seuss characters serve as their guides to learning in the fun, interactive environment. Horton the Elephant hosts the reading area where kids learn basic reading concepts such as letter recognition, sounds of letters and rhyming words. Yertle the Turtole hosts the math area where kids learn to recognize numbers, number words, to count, and do simple addition. The Lorax hosts the science area where kids are introduced to animal categories, basic astronomy and ecology. Sam-I-Am hosts the reasoning area, here kids can compare size, number, patterns, and directions and learn opposites. These activities are best for kindergarten and first grade students.

4. Mindopia
Do you know what you want to be when you leave school? Search this site for career advice, tips and schools View people discussing their career choices

5. PaperRater
Before you hand in that paper, get it proofread by experts for free Proofread by linguistics professors and graduate students:
  • Check your spelling
  • Check your grammar
  • Check your word choice
  • Make sure you didn’t plagiarize
  • This site helps you improve your writing

6. Google Sky
Have you ever looked up to see what’s in the sky? Now you can with Google Sky. You can see it all and it’s free!

7. Game Classroom One stop shopping website for educational games for teachers, parents and students filled with educational games & worksheet for interactive assignments created by educators meeting state standards.

8. Artsonia Artsonia is the world’s largest kids’ art museum where each student in your class can have an online art gallery displaying their masterpieces for free! Artsonia is for pre-school through high-school students. Your students will develop a new sense of pride and feel like famous artists published in a museum. Friends and family members of the student can view the artwork, join fan clubs and leave personal comments for the artists. Family can purchase custom keepsakes with their child’s artwork (mugs, t-shirts, mouse pads, coasters, note cards and more). Your school will earn 15% of the purchases! Participation is completely free for teachers, students, and schools. How to integrate Artsonia into your curriculum. as an enhancement for your school’s art program or use for your classroom projects.
9. Converting Tools In this category you will find various type of converter tools, viz, Currency converters, various type of unit converters. This is a set of online unit conversion tools which can convert different type of quantities. These converting tools include quantities like distance, speed, volume, time, angle, temperature and lot of other types.

10. WordFind
WordFind is a online word searching program. It is meant to be a helping tool for different types of word games and puzzles. With WordFind you can search by different word patterns, find anagrams and many other details about a word.
  • Search a whole word or by pattern using wildcards * and ?, these wild cards can be used upto any complexities
  • Find words staring with or ending with or containing any other word/letters.
  • Under every search type additional word length criteria can be added. The result will be filtered out according to different criteria specified.
  • Special tool for easy solving of crosswords, only the known letters from the crossword row/column is to be entered and the program will find all matching words.
  • Find Anagrams for a particular word or a combination of letters
  • Find all words which can found within a particular word (sub-words) by different combination of letters.
  • Find all words from which a particular word can be formed (parent words) by different combination of letters
Storybird: Collaborative storytelling
Storybird: Collaborative storytelling

11. Storybird
Storybirds are short, art-inspired stories you make to share, read, and print. Read them like books, play them like games, and send them like greeting cards. They’re curiously fun. Teachers and librarians - Use free Class accounts to manage students without emails, create assignments, and build beautiful libraries.